Smart recycling and waste management

Welcome to the world of intelligent solutions for efficient waste management. Our advanced line of Internet of Things (IoT) products is the key to optimizing waste collection and recycling processes. We focus on two crucial aspects: Bin Sensor - measuring container fill levels and Smart Access Control - providing access control to containers. Smart Access Control is an innovative device that enables precise access control to containers using state-of-the-art RFID/NFC technology. Bin Sensor is a critical component of smart waste management, ensuring transparency in operations and resource optimization. Our technology plays a pivotal role in creating a sustainable and efficient waste management system.

Fill monitoring

Location and detection of rollover and tipping

Control of access to containers and facilities

Dedicated platform for efficient management

Communication using energy-efficient technologies such as NB-IoT

Measurements of temperature and humidity


Platform capabilities

View data in real time

The user can view current and historical data on a computer and on the mobile phone.

Control of your devices

Control the devices from the platform. The user can define the time interval every how many times the sensor takes measurements and sends data to the platform.


The platform is responsible for sending notifications and emails to the user. It allows you to quickly inform about important events (user-defined) such as filled container, emptied container, high temperature and many others.

Security and reliability

Providing a confidential and reliable infrastructure for your data.

Bin Sensor Basic - optymalization of waste management

Filling measurement system from 3cm to 3m.

Location and recognition of displacement and rolling.

Measurement of temperature and humidity in the container.

Notifications of important events such as high fill level, empty, change of location, low battery.

Communication using LTE-M or NB-IoT networks.

Optional external antenna

The ability to mount an external antenna, allows the device to be used in containers of even the thickest material, in areas where there is poor coverage and underground containers.

Dimensions 91.6 x 91.4 x 45.0 mm

The very small size of the device allows it to be installed in any type of container and to be visually neutral.

Waterproofing IP67

The device's high level of waterproofing allows the sensor to be used even in a place where it will be exposed to moisture and dust.

Easy installation

Very easy installation with screws or bolts, The device has external and internal mounting brackets.

SAC BASIC - access control in "waste management industry"

RFID/NFC access

With RFID/NFC 13.56MHz, the user has convenient access via cards, tags and even phone. No more hassle of making keys. The system will support up to 1,000 different users.

Battery power supply

Battery life of up to several years - depending on the selected capacity.Power connector makes it very easy to connect a battery that meets your needs. Very easy replacement of the power source.


Interact with the user using the built-in button with RGB LED.Informing the user about access, lack of access and administrator mode.

Access mangement

The control module has a power connector and a lock control connector, so you can easily customize the batteries and lock mechanism for your specific facility.

Waterproofing IP67

The device's high level of waterproofing allows the sensor to be used even in a place where it will be exposed to precipitation moisture and dust.


The administrator has an easy and intuitive way to grant and revoke access rights to users. The problem of key distribution is over.