We offer services in the "IoT" smart technology industry. We design, manufacture and install sensors and other devices for mobile use. Monitoring and management is done through a dedicated platform

We offer ready-to-install equipment and systems based on the most modern technologies

We design and manufacture intelligent systems and devices

We help customers design and configure a management and control system personalized to their needs in their business

Smart Building

Smart sensors for measuring air quality parameters, temperature, humidity, lighting and much more.

Smart security sensors, for monitoring door and window opening, presence, motion, etc.

Smart devices to control lighting and other devices in the building.

Smart City

Smart sensors for measuring air quality parameters, temperature, humidity, lighting and much more.

Smart safety sensors, for monitoring water levels, pressure in sanitary systems, etc.

Smart devices for controlling lighting and other elements of urban and administrative infrastructure.

Smart Agriculture

Smart sensors for measuring air and soil quality parameters in greenhouses or agricultural fields.

Sensors for measuring fullness. Perfect for use in silos and other containers.

Smart devices for controlling irrigation systems, lighting, etc.


Optimize the process of managing a building, enterprise, city or farm based on the collected measurement data and intelligent control devices.

Significant reductions in operating costs with systems for smart monitoring and control based on metered data. Significant savings in energy, utilities and more.

Guaranteed increased security through the use of sensors and monitoring systems such as motion, opening and many other factors both human and environmental.

Battery-powered devices. Operation for up to 10 years without battery replacement.

The devices are mostly wireless which allows for easy installation and no costly interference with existing electrical and network installations.

Control and monitoring of a building, business or farm using a dedicated platform from anywhere on earth. Possibility of access via computer or mobile application on your phone.

The devices use energy-efficient communication technologies such as Lora, NB-IoT and LTE-M.


Internet rzeczy

The Internet of Things, in the simplest terms, makes devices start "talking." IoT surrounds us everywhere and affects efficiency and savings in almost every aspect of life. Sensors, actuators and other components, can work all the time. Analyze what is happening in the environment and, based on the collected data, perform various actions - often without user intervention. IoT is finding its way into both business, agriculture, industry, commercial building management processes and even residential buildings.