How the fill sensor works and its benefits

Learn how the advanced fill sensor from iCober works and the benefits it brings to effective waste management. Process optimization, cost reduction and sustainability.


7/20/20233 min read

In today's dynamic world, where efficiency, sustainability and minimizing waste of resources are of utmost importance, IoT technologies are becoming a key tool in various industries. One of the breakthroughs is the use of advanced fill sensors in waste containers offered by iCober.

Fill sensor from ICOBER - "Bin Sensor"

The Fill Sensor is a device that uses advanced technology, such as laser measurement, to accurately measure the fill level of waste containers. As a result, the system can monitor the status of each container in real time and provide accurate information about its condition.

Bin Sensor isn't just about measurement of filling up

The Fill Sensor from iCober is not only a tool for accurately monitoring the condition of waste containers. It is also distinguished by a set of unique additional features that make it a key element in smart waste management. Here's how these features can revolutionize waste management:

Accelerometer to recognize rollovers and thefts

The fill sensor from iCober is equipped with an advanced accelerometer that allows it to detect tilt and movement of the container. This makes it possible to detect when a container is tipped over, which could indicate an unauthorized transfer or theft attempt. As a result, this feature not only protects assets, but also prevents unwanted activities.

GPS location of containers

Tracking the location of containers is a key aspect of effective waste management. The Fill Sensor from iCober is equipped with a GPS module that enables the exact location of each container. This means that managers can monitor the location in real time, making it easier to plan collection routes, analyze efficiency and respond to emergencies.

Temperature measurement

The multi-functionality of the fill sensor from iCober also includes measuring the temperature inside the container. This function is important for waste requiring specific storage conditions, such as in the medical or food industries. By measuring the temperature, compliance can be monitored and appropriate action can be taken when necessary.

Benefits of using a fill sensor

The Fill Sensor from ICOBER is an advanced IoT solution that is revolutionizing waste management. Its accurate measurements, process optimization and sustainable use of resources are a step towards smart cities and a green future. With the Fill Sensor, the way we view waste management is changing - as an area where technology and sustainability go hand in hand.

Optimization of waste collection

Traditional waste disposal methods often lead to inefficient waste of time and resources. A fill sensor allows you to accurately monitor fill levels, so you can plan your removals more efficiently and minimize costs.

Reduction of operating costs

Accurate measurements of filling allow optimization of routes and frequency of removals. This translates into lower fuel, time and human resource costs.

Increase efficiency of waste collection

With access to real-time container fill data, waste managers can make decisions based on reality. This leads to greater efficiency and sustainable use of resources.

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